Weekend Getaways Near Indore

Indore is surrounded by several fascinating and enthralling weekend destinations. These weekend spots are mainly packed with Wildlife, Heritage, Temples, Museums, Amusement Parks, Gardens, Forts, Lakes and Islands etc.

Indore integrates several attractive tourist spots in and around it whose beauty catches the attention of thousands of tourists. There are well known cities in vicinity of Indore like Ujjain, Bhopal, Kanpur, Lucknow, Mathura, Agra, Ajmer, Ahmedabad, Pushkar and many more.  In this article we have come up with five weekend getaways those will definitely give you a treat as a traveler.

Indore to Kumbalgarh

This is yet another ever favorite weekend getaway from Indore which is liked by most of the people. At Kumbhalgarh you will find a number of historical tales which will definitely make you surprised. Apart from the historical places you will also find religious and wildlife sanctuary to visit. 

The Kumbhalgarh Fort near the Haldi Ghat is the most popular tourist attractions and it has a Badal Mahal which is again a not to miss section. The Ranakpur Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over thousand meters and it has a distinct topography.

Kumbalgarh near Indore
Indore to Kumbhalgarh

Distance from Indore by Road: 437.6 km
How to Reach: Traveling by road to reach Kumbalgarh from Indore is the best option as it only takes 7 hours and 3 minutes to cover the distance via MG road.

Indore to Ranthambore National Park

One of the finest weekend getaways from Indore is the Ranthambore National Park. This National Park of Northern India house a vast variety of fauna as well as flora. This place can give an unforgettable experience to every visitor especially to adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. The park has many lakes which make the place more and more beautiful.

Ranthambore National Park near Indore
Ranthambore National Park

Distance from Indore by Road: 546 km
How to Reach: If you travel by road you can reach Ranthambore National Park in approximately 8 hours via MG Road from Indore.

Indore to Palanpur

When planning for a weekend getaway from Indore Palanpur is the most unavoidable one. Palanpur has a number of beautiful historic as well as natural attractions. Palanpur is mostly filled with religious places but the architecture of the temples are really admiring. 

In Palanpur you cn also find places to explore the nature and the wildlife. To name a few must see places when in Palanpur are Ambaji Temple, Balaram Palace, Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Sur Mandir Ajinath Temple and lots more.

Distance from Indore by Road: 519 km
How to Reach: To reach Palanpur from Indore you can take NH 59 or NH 79 from Indore, both the routes will take you to Palanpur in about 8 hours by road.

Indore to Sanchi

Sanchi is a real treat to the people who love to travel and explore. When you are planning a weekend getaway from Indore Sanchi is the one which cannot be neglected. Sanchi is a place which has a complete package of religious, natural, wildlife, historical and cultural places. 

To name a few of the unavoidable attractions in Sanchi are Vidisha, Udaigiri Caves, Sanchi Stupa, Ashoka Pillar, Sanchi Museum, Gupta Temple Buddhist Vihara and lots more.

Sanchi Stupas near Indore
Sanchi Stupas

Distance from Indore by Road: 198 km
How to Reach: To go to Sanchi there is no direction communication from Indore. You would need to give a halt at Bhopal. From Indore you can reach Bhopal in about 5 hours and 30 minutes by bus. From Bhopal you can board a direct train, Vindhyachal Express for Sanchi which will take you to your destination in just half an hour.

Indore to Champaner

Champaner is another very beautiful place that can be visited from Indore during the weekends. This place of Gujrat has a number of alluring attraction for the tourists. The Pavagarh Fort, Ek Minar Mosque, Jami Masjid, and Juni Masjid are fantastic places to explore. 

There is an archeological park which exhibits the excellent archeology. All the places to visit in Champaner are good for the history buff, wanderers, and experience seekers.

Champaner near Indore
Champaner From Indore City

Distance from Indore by Road: 235 km
How to Reach: The best mode of transport to go to Champaner from Indore is train. It is the cheapest as well as the most convenient one. You can board Intercity from Indore and reach Dewas in just 36 minutes. From Dewas if you board Dehradun express you can reach Champaner in about 7 hours 43 minutes.
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