Waterfalls around Indore

Waterfalls near IndoreIndore is often known to be a historical city living with its cultural heritage. But equally enchanting are the natural wonders that are bestowed upon it. It is located on Malwa Plateau and this location blesses it with many untamed waterfalls.

Most of these waterfalls are formed mainly during the monsoons but they remain to be the sought after picnic destinations for the adventure loving Indorites and tourists.

The beautiful valleys and lush green locales surrounding these cascading waterfalls makes them exotic and picture perfect. They are identical to the city of Indore and are always listed on the must see places for the travelers who come to explore this wonderful and diverse city.

Some of these waterfalls are still unknown to even the residents of Indore. So, we have tried to capsulate all these untamed and popular waterfalls in and around Indore.

Tincha Falls:

Waterfalls near Indore

Tincha Falls are located near the village of Tincha and are two kilometers away from this village. Approximately 25 Km from the city, these falls are the best picnic spot to spend weekends.

Basically it is a rainy season water fall offering scenic views of natural ambiance along with 300 ft water body. It can be reached through Khandwa Road, at Simrol Udainagar road.

It is one of the popular tourist spots near Indore which is visited by lot of locals and tourists alike.

Sitlamata Falls:

It is a scenic place located around 60 kms away from the main Indore city. It is a serene locale with a breathtaking waterfall and lush greenery. You can also enjoy local merchandise at nearby Manpur market to add fun to your trip.

Patal Pani Waterfalls:

Waterfalls in Indore

This popular picnic spot has water falling from the height of 300 feet. It is believed that the pit formed by this waterfall has an unknown depth which runs down deep to the underwater world (Patal).

This famous trekking site looks its majestic beat during rainy season that usually commence after July. Patal Pani Waterfalls are located 35 kms away from the city on Indore Khandwa rail route.

You can also trek from Mhow station which is just 6 km away from this place.

Muhadi Waterfalls:

These series of waterfalls are located at a distance of 40 km from Indore. They are a three stage waterfall which has a lush green and mesmerizing ambiance to allure the visitors.

Jogi Bhadak Waterfalls:

This splendid waterfall is located 48 km away from main Indore city. From Dhal Gram Base camp, a trekking of 4 km will take you to this beautiful place. The fall cascading from a height of 400 feet with a 100 feet wide road waterfall leaves everyone spell bound with its majesty.

Waterfalls of Indore

Dharaji Waterfalls:

These mighty waterfalls are formed by Holy Narmada River in Dharaji village of Bagli Tehsil.

It is situated at a distance of 130 km from Indore and is a pious place visited by lakhs of devotees every year on Amavasya.

It is said that Shiva Lingams found here are so auspicious that they do not even require ‘Pran Pratishtha’ before establishing them in a temple.

Gidya Kho Water Falls:

This beautiful confluence of man and nature is an astonishing spectacle positioned on Indore- Nemawar Road at around 9 km distance from Double Chowki. This magnificent waterfall is located in the mid of plush green valley at a height of 600 feet. The foggy cascade falling from this soaring height reminds of famous Bhedaghat of Jabalpur and invites hordes of tourists to enjoy their vacations in this pollution free destination.

Bamniya Kund Waterfalls:

This mesmerizing waterfall is situated at a distance of 50 km away from Indore. It is a small waterfall that is ideal for camping and spending some time in closeness of nature. There is a road till Badgonda village on Mhow Road after which you have to trek for 4 kms to reach this scenic place.

Waterfalls near Indore City

Kedareshwar Waterfalls:

140km from Indore, this waterfall is especially formed in the monsoon season. From top of a cliff located nearly 4 km from Sailana.

There is a temple of Lord Shiva inside a cave and from top of the cliff, spills this small waterfall into a pond of water beneath in the valley.Mehndi Kund Waterfalls: This waterfall is situated at a distance of 44 kms from Indore city. To reach here, you can do a trek of 2 km from Bamniya Kund. It is also a tranquil locale where the gushing stream of waterfall perfectly fills your heart with joy and solace.

Hatyari Waterfalls:

Hatyari Kho or Killer Gorge is situated around 33 kms away from Indore city near Kampel. The entire area is dotted with picturesque landscapes, enchanting valleys amid which this gushing waterfalls look picture perfect.

Junapani Waterfalls:

This beautiful waterfall is situated at 6 km from Simrol village on Indore Khandwa Road. By crossing 3 small streams, you can reach this beautiful place to experience the bounty of nature.

Waterfalls near the city of Indore


Located at a distance of 20 km from Khandwa on Khandwa Road, Kajligarh Fort is in ruins but has an amazing waterfall nearby.

This fall looks absolutely stunning during the rainy season and is a perfect picnic spot.

Panchprapat Waterfalls:

The name Panch Prapat comes from five different waterfalls that constitute this splendor of nature. This 55 meters high fall is situated 34 km away from the main Indore city on Mhow Mandleshwar Road.

Swarna Jayanti Waterfalls:

This place near Indore is known for having nearly 100 small waterfalls. It is located about 25 km away from the city and has beautiful landscapes scattered all around.

Choral Fall:

At 35 kms from Indore, is located this picturesque picnic spot that becomes a waterfall during monsoons. It is situated on Mhow road on the way to Omkareshwar.
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