Things To Do in Indore

So, you are planning a visit to Indore. But you are not sure about the places which you would like to visit. Don’t worry; you have come at the right place to get the information. In Indore, there are lots of places which you can go and visit. Apart from that, you can hang out and enjoy lot of places with your friends. We can guarantee one thing, that you will never get bored and you will make several other visits to enjoy the city fully.  Come; let us see what will be your routine day in Indore:

Explore Indore:

Who wants to sit inside their hotel rooms when visiting a new city like Indore? Visit the following places and explore Indore:

Bada Ganapati:

Vignaharta, the pratham pujya Ganesh is known as the Bada Ganapati in Indore, whose biggest idol graces a temple in Indore. The statue, which measures eight meters from the crown to foot, is the biggest idol in the world. Visit the Lord in the temple and make the obstacles in your path go away.

Annapurna Temple:

Well known for its resemblance to the Madurai’s famous Meenakshi Temple, the goddess of food resides in one of architectural marvels of the city.  The gates of temple are guarded by four full sized elephants.

Annaporna Temple
Annapurna Temple in Indore

The temple is famous, known for its architectural brilliance and the intricate carvings.
A visit to the temple will be a good treat for you.

Holkar’s Palace - Rajwada in Indore

Imagine a King’s palace, which was burnt three times, still today is standing proudly representing the rich heritage and the history of the royal family. Old palace or the rajwada showcases a blend of different architectural influences which ranges from the ruling dynasties of the ancient India to the Holkar Dynasty. When you visit the palace, do not miss the artificial waterfall, beautiful fountains and the gardens. Visit the old palace, when you would like turn the pages of history.

Central Museum:

If you would like to dig deep in the history, you should visit Central Museum, where you can find various relics from Holkar era  and pre-Medieval times.

Kanch Mandir:

A Jain Mandir which is famous for its beautiful glass paintings in addition to the different colored glass pieces which are embedded in every corner of the temple. The temple is dated at the times of the Holkars and provides a fantastic example of the creativity at that time.

Kanch Mandir in Indore
Kanch Mandir in Indore

If you want to capture the full effect, you should visit this temple during the sunrise, when the sun rays reflect on the glass and create a magic.

Tincha Falls:

If you are going away on weekend, Tincha Falls is just about 25 kms away from Indore.  You can bath in the river upstream and the water falls from the height of near 300 feet above. A pond is located near this spectacular and exuberant waterfall, which enhances the beauty of the place further. In monsoon, when the waterfall is full and furious flow, it is a sight to behold. A great place for a day full of fun and frolic with your friends and family

Shopping in Indore:

Indore is famous for its handlooms and you are just at the right place for shopping.

MT Cloth Market:

MT Cloth Market is the best place for buying the specialty of Indore, the handlooms.  You can buy the clothing at wholesale at very reasonable prices. Don’t worry if you don’t know about the quality of the clothing. The shopkeepers will guide you and make sure that you are carrying 4 to 5 shopping bags when you return from shop.

Mrignayani Showroom:

If you would like to see the examples of the present creativity of people, you should visit Mrignayani Showroom, which stocks a wide variety of the handicraft items like bangles, hand crafted leather toys and other items. One warning though, be prepared as you will be buying lot of souvenirs for your family and the friends.

Shopping in Indore
Shopping in Indore

Indore Central Naman Mall:

If you love to shop in a mall, Indore Central Naman Mall is just for you. Most of the items under one roof, you can while four to five hours away while browsing the goodies.

Sitlamata Bazaar:

One of the most famous bazaars of Indore, you can buy beautiful saris like the ethnic Maheshwari and the handlooms and retail clothing with very reasonable prices.

Drink and Dance in Indore:

If you would like to explore the nightlife of Indore while you are visiting the city, you have various options:

Fireball Pub:

Would you like to hang out with your friends in a cool place with fantastic ambience, nice booze, rocking music and rocking music? Fireball Pub is the best answer to this question.

Go Bananas:

A hot place with rocking music, beautiful girls, and cold beer makes unwinding after a busy day to go bananas.

Drink and Dance in Indore
Nightlife in Indore

On the Rocks:

On the rocks is one of the fantastic places, where you can relax and hang out with your friends with a cold beer and good music.

Trance - The Pub

Good North Indian cuisine, rocking music, cold beer and companion ship of the best friends, what do you want more on a balmy evening to unwind after an hectic day.

Eating in Indore:

There are many popular restaurants in Indore, which are famous for their good ambience, warm hospitality, quality and delicious food.

Chotiwala Restaurant:

One of the most popular eating joint, Chotiwala serves the yummy vegetarian snacks and dinner thali, so delicious that after eating you will suck your fingers. Also provide strict Jain food for people who follow Jainism that is dishes without onion or garlic.

Ginger Ganesha:

If you have a yen to eat Chinese food or South Indian cuisine, nobody makes and serves them like Ginger Ganesha in Indore. A popular place for dining in Indore, it often entertains most of the families who are out for dining.

Eating out in Indore
Food in Indore


Mad about Kebabs; indulge your palate by visiting Kebabville with your friends. The restaurant offers a variety of kebabs with other snacks from other cuisines. They also offer scrumptious dinner with infinite varieties of salads while enjoying live orchestra. Also, don’t forget to feast upon the wide variety of desserts which are served by the restaurant for satisfying your palate.

So, visit Indore and enjoy your trip to the fullest!
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