Picnic Spots in Indore

Indore is largely devoted for the picnic and enjoyment with friends and family. There are number of picnic spots in Indore where a day’s out can be easily planned. At this joyous excursion you along with the group can have a totally fun filled experience. There are national and regional parks, waterfalls and similar other exciting picnic spots found in Indore.

Picnic near Indore

To have a great picnic experience in Indore you would only need to select the spot make a group, pack your picnic basket and book a vehicle to reach the destination. You are done to get a lifetime picnic experience.

The picnic spots in Indore are good for nature lovers, experience and photo fanatics. No matter what so ever picnic spot you choose, you must carry your camera along. We are here with some of the most popular picnic spots in Indore which have a lot of fun, excitement, thrill, happiness and surprises waiting for you.

Some of beautiful and breathtaking picnic spots in and around Indore are listed below:

Mayank Blue Water Park:

One of amusing water park, Mayank Blue Water Park is very popular water park of Indore, where a family goes to cool off in the heat and enjoy a splashing weekend. The adults and the kids can enjoy various slides and have fun.

Mayank Blue Water Park

If you have vertigo, you can just stay in the pool and enjoy.

Nakhrali Dhani:

An ethnic village resort, which is the mirror of Malwi and Rajsthani culture since 1995, it has become one of the favorite picnic spot in Indore. Spread over 28 acres, Nakhrali Dhani has become synonymous with the Malawi and Rajsthani culture. You can enjoy Malawi and rajasthani food with your friends and family during your outing in weekend.

Chokhi Dhani:

If you love Rajasthani colors, you should visit Chokhi Dhani with your family and the friends. Decorated with the theme of a Rajasthani village, it provides visitors a precise atmosphere of any Rajasthani village with the modern day entertainment and facilities.

You and your family can enjoy yourself with horse rides, camel rides, puppet shows, bullock cart rides, monkey shows etc. Your kids will have fun when travelling in the mini train. In addition, you can also enjoy boating, car racing, theme parks, discotheque, and Rajasthani dance.

Tincha Falls:

An ideal picnic spot, Tincha Falls is located just 25 kms away from Indore. It is a beautiful sight, when water drips from 300 ft. height. This beautiful and exuberant waterfall has a pond which is situated nearby and enhances the beauty of the place. In monsoons, when the water is full and furious mood, it is sight to behold.

Tincha Falls

You can swim in the couple of pools at the foot of the waterfall. All of this makes the Tincha Falls, a great place for picnic spot.

Patal Pani:

Patal Pani is very famous in Madhya Pradesh for its 150 feet high waterfall and is located at just 36 kms away from Indore. It is a fact that the depth of the pond which forms at the bottom of the Patal Pani waterfall has not been measured by anybody till today.

So, it is a legend that the depth of this kund or pond goes to the Patal or underground world. Apart from the picnic spot, this spot is also known as the trekking hub for people who love the adventure. If you do not like trekking, still you can enjoy a day full of fun and frolic with friends.

Bijasen Tekri:

One of the ideal picnic spot, which is surrounded by a small lake and the gardens, Bijasen Tekri is one of the most popular places for friends and family. In 1920, a temple which was dedicated to Bijasen Mata was built on the tekri. At the hill top, you will find the Border Security Arms Museum which was earlier the Holkar’s guest house. At the time of nine-day long Navratri festival, fair is held here which attracts the large crowd.

Kamla Nehru Park:

Famously known as Chidiya Ghar, Kamla Nehru Park is a Zoological Park in Indore. You can catch a glimpse of exotic animals, birds, plants and trees. Located in the central part of Indore, Kamla Nehru Park is now a well known tourist destination. Apart from zoo, the park also has a swimming pool, children’s hobby centre, and library.

Kamla Nehru Park Indore

You can ride a miniature train and battery operated cars to ride around the park.

Meghdoot Garden:

Named after Kalidas’s famous poem, Meghdootam, Meghdoot garden is located in the outskirts of Indore. Renovated in 2000-1 year, the park is one of the most beautiful and biggest in parks. It has dancing and lighted fountains, sprawling lawns, landscaped gardens and lot of fancy swings. It is one of the favorite picnic spots in Indore.

Regional Park:

One of the most popular picnic spots in Indore, Regional Park is located on the banks of Piplipala Lake. If you like to do nothing, this is the best place for you. There are various gardens like French garden and Mughal garden in the regional park, which is a beautiful addition to this mesmerizing place.

If you are a theatre lover, you will find a fantastic feast to your liking. The Regional Park has an open amphi theater, which witnesses regular performance of the theatre. The Piplipala Lake has been fitted with jet fountains and lights, which makes a sight to behold at night.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary:

If you love to watch wildlife, we have a treat for you. Established in 1989 year, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the places to go if you like to spot wildlife on your holiday in and around Indore. The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across a total area which comprises the 5 square kilometer and it is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

You can take a self –owned or hired four wheeler vehicles and explore a wide variety of fauna species like the Sambhar, Leopard, Jarak, Bhedki or Barking Deer, blue bull etc. The species of flora at Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary includes Eucalyptus, Saja, Teak and Babul Bamboo.

Ralamandal Wiildlife Sanctuary

It is an ideal spot for picnic with family and friends for a day. But, if you would like to stay at Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary for more than a day, the facility of the accommodation is given by the Sanctuary. Apart from the Forest Rest House, the local Hunting hut is also available, which was constructed in 1905 during the rule of Holkars.

These are only some of the best picnic spots in and around Indore. So, if you would like to enjoy yourself with family and friend by going on a picnic spot, you can visit these places. So, on weekends, take your family and friends with and enjoy these picnic spots.
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