Logistic Park in Indore

Indore Logistic ParkRevolution in transportation and warehousing was due from many years in India, and it was expected to soon fill this big gap of efficient transportation.

Hence, being located in the central part of India, Indore got its first Logistics Park with the support of safexpress incurring an inception cost of Rs. 85 crores.

Located on the National Highway 3, the Mumbai Agra Road, it is the second such park in country after Nagpur. Spread over the vast area of eleven lakhs fifty thousand square feet, it has a capacity of loading and unloading 190 trucks at a time which is a tremendous achievement in terms of warehousing.

The administration has streamlined the operations of this park with highly skilled management and experienced personnel who are competent enough to run this park more efficiently and smoothly to fulfill all the needs of storing capacity of this city. They ensure and are committed to deliver any product within 1.8 days across 580 destinations of India which has proved to be one of the fastest delivery system.

The well spread out hundred meters column less arena has made movement of goods uninterrupted and efficient which has literally opened up the scope of improving loading and unloading system. The capacity of holding 4 metric ton per square meter has boasted management with new enthusiasm and endeavor them to enhance this storing capacity in Indore.

Facilities at Indore Logistics Park:

This park has been provided with 80 feet docking area giving ample area to load or unload trucks. Also it is well managed by loading and unloading machines to process fast and dispatch goods quickly.

It is supported by skilled laborers who facilitate to do the work with ease. Safexepress logistic park has been facilitated with 16 feet wide cantilever shed to provide uninterrupted services without any delay in all seasons.

Indore Safexpress Logistic Park

The major concern for a warehouse is of security against fire, theft or any other unexpected circumstances. Therefore they have taken all safety measures while planning this park as well as they trained their man force to handle all circumstances of emergency that may occur.

Hence management has created staff colony for 70 employees to stay there and serve the people. This staff is well qualified and comes from different parts of India. Here, they get fruitful experience at Indore Logistic parks and gain more knowledge under the guidance of experienced management.

With a view to make this an eco logistic park, it has been ingrained with rain water harvesting to recycle the rain water more effectively. Along with external beauty it is dotted with lovely trees and plants to ensure pollution free green zone. Also the construction of building is developed to get ample sunlight in every part of structure to conserve electricity.

Education Center at Indore Logistics Park:

Safexepress management has facilitated this place with modern equipments, training rooms, library and residential facilities to open a learning center with a capacity of 60 candidates. Here they provide full vocational and operational aspects of logistic solutions along with practical experience of work. With the scope of huge growth, this field is still untouched and employment in this sector is seriously set to increase to fill the gap of supply chains and logistic systems of India.

Key Highlights of Indore Logistics Park:

  • Centrally located, and well connected to all major highways of the nation
  • Providing approximately 1000 job opportunities for local peoples
  • Central hub for warehousing all products
  • Air conditioning facility
  • A landmark in transportation

Contact Indore Logistics Park:

Safexpress Indore Logistics Park
Address: NH-3, Mumbai - Agra National Hwy, Manglaya Sadak, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 453771
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 1800 11 3113
Email: [email protected]
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