Local Bodies of Indore

The local bodies of a city play a crucial role for t
Indore Municipal Corporation
he smooth functioning of any city and Indore is no exception. The administrative bodies that play a crucial role are:
  • Indore Municipal Corporation
  • Indore Police Administration

Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC)

Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) was well established in the year 1956 under the Madhya Pradesh Nagar Palika Nigam Adhiniyam. It consists of 69 Council members whose districts are scattered into 12 zones. According to geographic population boundaries, these zones are also divided in to 69 wards.

The IMC has the duties for and is also responsible for education, safety & welfare services of the public, libraries, correctional institutions, recreational facilities, sanitation & water supply & local planning. Indore City has been a metropolitan municipality with a mayor-council form of government. The mayor and councilors are elected to five-year terms.

Indore Police Administration

The purpose of Indore Police is to maintain, support and uphold the law firmly, securely, steadily & fairly. The police force of Indore is committed to be compassionate, indulgent, kind, humane, courteous and patient, to act without fear, biasness & favour. It has resolved to be professional but calm as well in the face of violence and apply the force only which is necessary to accomplish and achieve its lawful responsibilities and duties.

Some of the social initiatives taken by the Police administration of Indore are:

Pariwar Paramarsh Kendra:

This is a rebellious & revolutionary approach, which has positively inspired the functioning of the police against alleviation , suppression, and atrocities of women. These efforts and the deeds by the Indore police have given very positive results.

Nagar Suraksha Samiti:

Nagar Suraksha Samities comprise of the very eminent personalities who assist the police at the time of law and order problems, communal riots, festivals, traffic problems etc. Its objectives are basically to:
  • Help police in law and order during festivals, big events and various rallies
  • Help police in both the natural and the artificial calamities
  • Help police in controlling women and child abuse.
  • Help police in controlling pollution through better management in the traffic.
  • Educate mass about the ill effects of drug and alcohol addiction
  • Protect and develop the environment

Sanjeevani Foundation:

Sanjeevani Balmitra Paramarsh Kendra is also a community of police joint project which is registered under Sanjeevani, an NGO initiated by police of Indore.

On 9th October 2002, Sanjeevani Foundation was established by the Indore Police Department at the SP office Indore, to involve the police as well as the community in the betterment of deprived childhood & the basic necessities of those children who stay at the edge of crime criminality.

Traffic Wardens:

Due to the increase in the number of vehicles in Indore, traffic management is becoming a real tough task with each passing day.  Traffic jams causes lot of problems, inconvenience to the mass and have very negative impact on the good image of the city.

The Indore police thought of coming up with a idea of getting the public also involved in managing the traffic and in order to implement the same idea at the very ground level, the members which comprise of Nagar Suraksha Samiti and traffic warden organization trained students who were associated with NCC and also the students from different schools and colleges. The citizens have actively participated in association with the Traffic police.
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