Kamala Nehru Prani Sangrahalay in Indore

Indore Zoo
In Indore, one of the amazing places among the tourist attractions is Indore Zoo, which is also known as Kamala Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya. It is located in the natural ambiance of city along with the treasures of rarer species of wild life.

As the responsible authority, Indore Municipal Corporation wholly looks after the management and maintenance of this wild life zone. The Indore zoo is always under lime light due to its collection of rare animals especially white tiger.

With the constant efforts of authorities, Indore zoo came in to existence in the year 1974, in a mere 17 acres of landscape. Due to high pursuance and attraction of people, it under took adjoining area of Quadibag, which added further 32 acres terrain to this zoo to enhance its natural beauty along with the collection of exceptional species.

After its establishment over 51 acres of land in 1999, it was given more space for the animals of the zoo and authorities have landscaped this place with more lush greenery as well to provide the natural habitat for animals.

Indore City Zoo
Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya in Indore

IMC has included all basic amenities and maintained a compatible environment for wild animals as per the instructions of CZA. This makes Kamala Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya one of the well known and recognized zoos among the total 180 zoo which are located in the various parts of the country.

One good fact about the Indore zoo is that the animals are exhibited in their innate environment here. Therefore they look more natural to the onlookers. Currently, they boast of animals like Hippopotamus, Ghariyal, Bengal tiger, rhinoceros, white tiger, cheetah, leopard, and many others.

Rides at Indore ZooIndore-Zoo

Visitors coming here can enjoy this arena in many ways, among which one of the major attraction is animal rides. It includes Elephant ride, Camel ride, Pony ride, and horse cart riding.

This is most attractive feature for children as they love riding on these animals, making it absolutely thrilling experience for these toddlers. These rides can be hired for roaming in whole zoo also.

Events at Indore Zoo

Zoo authorities organize various activities and events to attract children of Indore. These events include photo exhibition, Dance competition, fancy dress competition, drawing competition, canvas competition, stage drama competition, and golden book of world record competition. They also organize magic shows, snake shows, quiz shows along with many cultural activities to attract young citizens of the city.

Tourists Facilities at Indore Zoo

Travelers can capitalize on all the facilities made available by the zoo authorities. They are given adequate sitting arrangements at proper gaps. These places can be utilized for resting while roaming in zoo as it is vastly spread over hectares and gets tiring at times, to explore. The shaded areas are very useful during the rainy season, to provide escape from heavy rainfall.

Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya IndoreThese sitting arrangements are accompanied by drinking facilities and food stalls to exhausted tourists. Clean and pure drinking water facility is provided at every few step.

Creativity can be seen in any structure made by the authorities which depicts the thought behind every feature that it holds.

One of the basic amenities without which this list will not be complete is lavatories and washrooms. Zoo management has arranged proper and hygienic toilets to facilitate the visitors.

The facilities in Indore zoo include wheel chair for handicapped persons and first aid facilities.

Zoo authorities have initiated sign boards at every point of zoo to explain the exact location and map of zoo for exploring it in a better way.

It also helps the first timers and tourists to find the desired locations easily. These features offered at this tourist spot are really amazing and mesmerizing for the visitors.

Entry Timings and Entry Fees for Zoo:

A zoological park of this magnitude needs lot of man power and monetary support to aid in working along with all the facilities and amenities. Keeping the entry fees affordable for every category of visitor, authorities are charging Rs. 10 only. For ordinary camera Rs. 30 and movie camera Rs. 50 is chargeable extra from every visitor. These attractive rates allure lot of tourists towards this Indore zoo.

Timings during the summer and winter vary as per the weather conditions of Indian subcontinent. The entry timings of Indore Zoo is 9 am, however its shutting time varies according to the season. It closes at 6 pm in winters and at 7 pm in summers. The zoo remains open all days of week except for Monday which is a weekly off. Winters are the best time to visit zoo as this season is perfect for viewing animals of zoo in open.

Dos and Dont's in Indore Zoo

  • Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya Indore

    Should keep zoo clean
  • Should enjoy the wide collection of plants and trees
  • Should be polite with fellow visitors
  • Should cooperate with zoo authorities
  • Should report any activity that seems suspicious
  • Should keep zoo polythene free
  • Do not tease wild animals
  • Do not disturb zoo arrangements
  • Do not play cricket, football, badminton, flying dish in zoo premises
  • Do not litter the zoo
  • Do not bring your pet animals
  • Do not feed any edibles to animals
  • Do not try to enter animal enclosures
  • Do not carry any flammable item or sharp object

Address of Indore Zoo:

Tiger at Indore ZooZoo is easily reachable through Bhawarkua and Palasia via Agra Mumbai Highway.

Address : Indore Zoo (Kamala Nehru Prani Sangrahalay) Municipal Corporation Indore
Navlakha, A. B. Road, Indore - 452001
Madhya Pradesh
Email : [email protected]
[email protected]
Website :
Phone No. : 0731- 2700972, 2910225

The entry fee for Indore Zoo is INR 10 per head. While, kids upto 2 years of age are exempted of the entry fees. However, the entry fee for foreigners is INR 500. Camera charges are INR 30 for still camera and INR 50 for video camera.
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