Kajligarh Fort near Indore

On the Khandwa Road, about 25 miles away from Indore city, near a beautiful valley and a glistening waterfall, Kajligarh Fort in Indore is located. The fort and its surrounding area are considered as one of the most happening picnic spots around Indore.

The place is preferred by couples for its scenic beauty, pristine surroundings and tranquility that one could not get in many places. Families prefer the place for its calm and quite surrounding that makes it an ideal spot for picnics, outing or even small family gathering. This ideal one day outing spot does not get many footfalls here as this fort is yet unknown to even most of the local people of Indore.

Adventure lovers come here to trekking and camping. Nestled among the lush green surrounding, the place is considered as one of the most offbeat weekend getaways for locals of Indore City as well as for the tourists.

History of Kajligarh Fort near Indore

Whether or not you are a history buff, attraction of Kajligarh Fort remains the same. This ruined old fort is basically a parkota that is surrounded with deep valley on three sides.  Indore city has many significant historical places or monuments associated with the great Holkar Dynastry.

The Kajligarh Fort
Entrance of the Kajligarh Fort

One such historical place in the outskirt of Indore City is the Kajligarh Fort, located about 20 km away from Indore City. The fort is nestled on a hill and is surrounded by a valley having a small waterfall.

Kajigarh Mahadev at Kajligarh Simrol Road

The devotees come to Kajligarh Mahadev, a cave with a Shiv Lingam. The Lingam has a metal serpent on it. There are idols of Lord Ganesha within the cave.  There is an idol of Nandi, the Bull, at the entrance of the cave.

People who come here to offer their prayers take bath in the waterfall and go to the cave in order to have darshan of Kajligarh Mahadev. Nestled amidst of dense jungle, this cave attracts hundreds of devotees especially during the festive seasons like Shivratri or Saawan Purnima to have their wishes fulfilled.
Kajligarh Mahadev
Shiv Link of the Kajligarh Mahadev

They offer garlands, flowers and prasads to Lord Shiva and other idols and seek blessings. There is a priest who looks after the cave. 

Activities at Kajligarh Fort Indore

Visitors can wander around this wonderful place with lush green surrounding and streaming waterfall. They can look at the historical ruins inside the fort and feel the glory of the great dynasties that ruled Indore and surrounding areas.

Kajligarh as a Picnic Spot:

People come here for picnics or visit the place an offbeat outing spot of Indore. Adventure lovers have lots to do here in Kajligarh Fort. One night camping, trekking, rock climbing, river crossing, rappelling and others can be done here.

The fort area is an excellent venue for adventure lovers who keep coming here in groups as well as individually.

Rock Climbing as well as Rappelling:

Rock Climbing is done in this hilly area. Rock climbing sessions are arranged here where attendees get to know about the basic techniques of rock climbing.  Rappelling, climbing on a cliff or wall is also done successfully here in this fort. Rappelling is done by sliding down a belayed rope that passes through one thigh and over the opposite shoulder. Rappelling is practiced using specific devices for the novices.

Night Camping:

As the fort is away from the main city and is located among nature, it is an ideal spot for night camping for trekkers or youngsters. The awe-inspiring location, serenity of nature and pleasant climate of the place makes it one of the best spots for campers.


Trekkers can go on for long walks in the area around Kajligarh Fort.

Activities to do when at Kajligarh Fort
Trekking at the Kajligarh Fort

Lush green valley stretched on the three sides of the fort makes it one of the most attractive places for trekkers. Adventure lovers keep coming here to enjoy trekking and rejuvenating their body and soul.

River Crossing:

The streaming water fall near the Kajligarh Fort makes it an ideal place for water sports lovers. River crossing and rafting are the activities that will make the nature lovers and adventurist fall in love with Kajligarh Fort in Indore. Such activities are arranged for groups as well as individuals.

Reach Kajligarh Fort near Indore

Kaligarh Fort is easily reachable from various parts of Indore city as the fort is located about 15 miles away from the Indore City. Indore is one of the busiest cities of Madhya Pradesh and has all important modes of conveyance, air, road and rail, connecting the city to the other parts of Madhya Pradesh as well as rest of the country.

By Road
Indore City to Kajligarh Fort takes around 40 minutes by road provided road conditions are good and there is no traffic congestion. The best way to travel to this fort by road is to hire private cars. This will make the journey comfortable for the tourists and they could enjoy the panoramic scenic beauty around.  From Indore to Kajligarh Fort the rental car fare would be approximately Rs 350/-.  Journey could be customized with some stop over points or having night stay in some points of interest around this fort.

People from various cities of Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, and Rajasthan can reach Indore through National Highway No. 3 (Mumbai-Agra Road) and also through National Highway No. 9(Indore-Ahmadabad Road) linking Indore to cities like Mumbai, Bhopal, Gwalior and others.  Bus Services like City Link Travels, Royal Travels and other are available from Indore.

By Train

Indore to Kajligarh Fort takes only 40 minutes by road. Visitors can get down at Indore Junction Railway Station and then travel to the fort by road in rented private cars or taxis. Indore Station has regular train services from important cities of Madhya Pradesh as well as from the other important places of India like Delhi, Mumbai and others.

By Air
Indore airport or Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport is located about 10 km away from the Indore City.  Many private as well as public airline services join Indore with important places of India like Bhopal, Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi and others. International flights from Indore can be taken from Delhi. From Airport, visitors could hire cars or taxis to reach Kajligarh Fort.

Best Time to Visit Kajligarh Fort

  • Kajligarh can be visited throughout the year for its moderate climate condition but winter months (November- February) are the most preferable one.

  • To enjoy the sight of gleaming waterfall near the fort, visitors must visit the place during monsoon or after monsoon season (June-September).

Important Places to stay near Kajligarh Fort

On Khandwa Road there are numerous hotels and staying places that offer comfortable stay as well as mouth watering food to the guests. One of the most important of these is the Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Village Resort which is a must visit for every tourist.
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