Important historical monument, buildings and structures in Indore

Indore has always played an important role with trade for centuries as it was one of 3 stopping points for trading caravans which trekked across from Ahmedabad to Kolkata. With no vehicles back in those days cargo was transported across this vast distances on animal back with elephants, oxen, horse, donkeys and camels being used to carry the cargo.


Situated around 350KM from Ahmedabad the caravans stopped for a few days to rest, refresh as well as conduct business at Indore. In the process the city become an important caravan stop over resulting in the construction of important monuments still at Indore today.

Rajwada Palace

This is the most popular monument in Indore and was constructed by Maharaja Malhar Rao Holkar II. This was an important building in Indore back than since it helped shelter the maharaja when in town but also acted as an important volt for trader’s money who were passing the city.

Along the way many used to buy and sell their goods and when the money accumulated they could leave it at these important palaces. Since most trade was performed in barter there was not much money being handles but when there was the traders found it safer to keep the money at these strategically places palaces which acted as safe deposit boxes of the time.

Lal Bagh Palace

This is another palace which was constructed with the intention of offering a safe haven for trader funds. It has often been missed in history book to all the purposes the monuments played in history such as the one mentioned above. This palace was constructed between 1886 and 1921 when it was completed. The palace was maintained very well with many of the wall painting still in splendid condition even today.

Sukh Niwas Palace

This palace was constructed on the banks of the Sukniwas lake and a place many people fear to visit even today. The palace was constructed a long distance from the old city which made it venerable to attack but never experience any major hostile attacks from the enemy. The palace has been converted in to a museum now displaying to the public the lifestyles led by the ragas of Indore.

Famous Modern construction and building in Indore

 Indore is one of the largest cities in Madhya Pradesh and this has attracted major investors to constructing world class building in the city. Today Indore is dotted with a large number of shopping malls which house all major international brands. Whether its clothing, footwear, food and home decor you will be able to find most international brands in the various shopping malls of Indore. Popular shopping malls of Indore include.

M2K Mega Mall

This is a 5 storey mall with a verity of international as well as domestic brands shops housed in the mall. The mall also has a cinema mall allowing visitors to watch a movie as well as shop and even enjoy a great lunch outing at the mall. The mall also offers ample parking thus eliminating the problem many commuters face linked to parking at many Indore malls.

There is a large number of malls in Indore and each one has its own distinct benefit as compared to the other malls. Residents of Indore have always been keep on development and modernization and this continues to be carried on to today.
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