Climate of Indore

Indore is a city which suffers the oppressive heat in the summers and sizzling cold in winters. Indore is actually a landlocked city in the heart of the Indian subcontinent at a considerable distance from the sea.  The city lies on the Saraswati and Khan rivers and has an average elevation of 553.00 meter above sea level. The city has a humid subtropical climate. Summer, monsoon and winter are the three distinct seasons that are observed.



Summers start in middle of the March month and sometimes become very hot in April and May. The temperatures in daytime can touch 40 °C on one or the more situations. Average summer temperature may or may not go as high as 36–39 °C but humidity is not so high.


Winters are usually dry and are generally moderate. Lower temperature usually touches 4 °C-6 °C on few of the nights, as such the temperature ranges between 8 and 26 °C during this season.


Rains in the city are generally because of the southwest monsoons and the season goes from middle of the June to middle of the September month. It contributes around 35 inches of annual rains. Indore is a place where one can visit in any season, but to be specific; it would be winters where people will enjoy the aura of the city.
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