Chattris in Indore

Indore city is not only the commercial hub of Madhya Pradesh State but can be easily considered as the cultural seat for its rich cultural heritage and glorious past of many centuries. When talking about Indore Tourism, Chattri in Indore is a place that is a must-see.

Chattri is a group of cenotaphs built on the remnants of Holkar Rulers, the powerful rulers who ruled large area of Madhya Pradesh for years.

Cenotaphs that are built on the banks of the Khan River, on the cremation spots of the great Holkar rulers near Rajwada, have domes inspired by Maratha architecture and pyramid shaped spires. The cenotaphs showcase wonderful architectural marvel of Indian past and mesmerizes tourists with the historical mystery of Indore.

Chattris in Indore
Chattris in Indore

The group of cenotaphs is popularly known as “Krishnapura Chhatris”, which is a never-to-miss place of Indore City. When the cenotaphs are lit during the evenings, it is a breathtaking view that mesmerizes dozens of spectators present here.

History of Chattris:

Holkars ruled vast area of Madhya Pradesh over a long period of time. They were very just and were popular among the people for their careful attitude for their subjects. In the year 1858, when India came under the rule of the British, Holkars were among few other royal families who fought the British to save their kingdom from their clutch.

During the war, the Holkars got defeated and they shifted their capital city to Indore. In the memory of the Holkar rulers, stone cenotaphs were made over their ashes on the burial ground which is called Chattris. The ritual of offering “bhogs” at these Chattris still continues.

Architecture and Layout of Chattris:

Holkars were known for their exquisite architectural marvel and all over Madhya Pradesh State, people get example of such architectures. One of the architectural marvel and grandeur of Holkars is the Chattri in Indore. These erected structures made of stone remind the glory of Holkar Dyansty.

Chattris of Indore
Architecture of the Chattris in Indore

On the West there is a cenotaph built over the ashes of Maharani Krishnabai, a woman ruler of Malwa. There are two more Chattris that are built in the memory of Tukoji Rao II and Shivaji Rao, who were father and son respectively. The most attractive cenotaph is built to commemorate Malhar Rao Holkar, founder of Holkar Dynasty.

There is a common prayer hall that links these cenotaphs. The prayer hall has pillars and arches that have intricate carvings. The prayer hall has life size statues of the Holkar rulers mounted on the high platform along the “ Garbha Grihas”. The chattirs depict Maratha architecture style and have dome shaped structure with top portions having pyramidal spires.

Indore Chattris
Chattris Hall in Indore

Near these cenotaphs or tombs, there is a beautifully constructed garden called Chattri Bag. The garden has two compounds spread on the two banks of the river. A beautiful Chattri built in the memory of Bolia Sahib is also in this compound which is popularly called “Bolia baba ki Chattri”. Along the Khan River, an artificial lake is built where boating facilities are available. Illuminated Chattirs create a great spectacle and pay tribute to the great Holkar Rulers.

Timings to Visit Chattris

Days- Opened all days of the week
Timing- 6:00 AM-10 AM and 4:00 PM-8:00 PM
Entry Fee- No entry fee is needed

How to Reach Chattris

The place where Chattri in Indore is located is a very popular area of the city. The area is known as Sneh Nagar. People could access any mode of transport to reach Chattri and the best mode of transport is cycle rickshaw. The place is only 3 Km from the Indore Railway Junction. The place is about 10 km away from the Ahilyabai Holkar airport of Indore.
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