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Why Indore is Still Favored over Bhopal

Often we are faced with some difficult questions that life throws at us out of nowhere. The situations can vary but the gist remains the same. Travelling or moving to another city can be quite overwhelming. Whether it is the much awaited Diwali, Christmas or summer vacations, or a much dreaded and unwanted job transfer; we are left doing a lot of research before taking the plunge. Holidays, if poorly planned can be expensive, exhausting and sometimes be downright uncomfortable. Moving to a new city for a new job can also be daunting and go horribly wrong. More often than not, having spent countless hours reading travel forums and blogs, we are left more confused than before.

Indore in Madhya Pradesh

Sometimes while your heart is set on one city, plenty of others point you in the opposite direction. In case you find yourself thinking of visiting Indore or Bhopal, or are planning to move there, and wondering why Indore is favored over Bhopal, you have come to the right place. Often, comparing two cities is like comparing apples with oranges or tea with coffee. However, the comparison still tells you which one is better for ‘you.’ Now grab your tea (or coffee), sit comfortably and read our findings that tell you why Indore is still favored over Bhopal.

Standard of Living in Indore

Bhopal may be the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, but the financial capital of this prosperous state is Indore. Historically a textile hub, Indore today, as per the study done by City Mayors, is the 10th fastest growing city in India and 32nd fastest growing city in the world, next only to the cosmopolitan Pune. Now that is saying something. The financial atmosphere of the city is also conducive to the emergence and prosperity of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the town. Since it is now establishing itself as one of the most industrious cities in India, the real estate is also on a rapid rise in the town. Since Indore is right at the heart of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), rapid growth in development projects is expected here. While it is better than Bhopal in terms of industrial development and a roaring job market, the real estate prices here are still lower than the state capital. However, while it is cheaper to buy property in Indore than in Bhopal, renting a flat, or a house can be costlier. Yet, on an overall scale of cost to livelihood ratio, Indore still scores higher than Bhopal. This round also belongs to Indore.

Utilities and Entertainment in Indore

Attractions of Indore

Moving to a new city can be quite a headache as far as utility services are concerned. From telephone to gas, electricity, water, etc. everything takes an unbelievably long time and can hit your pocket really hard. As far as the basic utility services are concerned, Indore turns out to be a cheaper city than Bhopal. Transport wise, it does better than its rival too. While both cities score almost the same on daily expenditure, the cost of living is still higher in Bhopal than Indore. As for entertainment purposes, there are a number of quality cinema halls in Indore, including Big Cinemas. The city also boasts of a 4D Theatre. Also, as Indore was a former capital of Marathas, there are a large number of Marathi people living in the city. Considering their affinity with the theatre and drama, the city also offers shows of a number of famous plays from Maharashtra, both in Hindi and Marathi. Here, you get to stay connected to the best of the entertainment world.

Transport Services in Indore

Both Indore and Bhopal are blessed with fantastic connectivity options. Both cities boast of railway junctions and are connected with almost all important cities in the rest of India. Both of these cities also have their own airports which are well connected with the rest of the country. Being a state capital, Bhopal has better, broader roads but the city is also subject to political disturbance. Indore, while does not have as good a road infrastructure, the traffic flows pretty unobstructed. No matter which city you are going to, there are many options to choose from. From state transport buses to flights, you will be spoilt for a choice. In this round too, there is no clear winner, it is a tie.

Food in Indore

Food keeps man alive and kicking; plain and simple. But that’s not what is on your mind when you go out to eat. They say the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When it is about eating out, staying alive is not a priority. It is more to do with satisfying those hungry taste buds. In this case, Indore wins hands down against its close rival Bhopal. Awarded one of the best ‘Foodie’ cities by NDTV, Indore has risen above the food capitals of India such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa, Mumbai, Lucknow; especially in the street food category. Apart from a great variety of star rated hotels and restaurants, what Indore is famous for is the delicious, lip smacking street food.

Food in Indore

While it is alright to eat in a fancy restaurant, nothing beats the fun and excitement of gulping down those tangy Golgappas, Samosas, Chats and Kulfis in the crowded markets. If the street food is on your mind, Indore is the city for you. You can head to the Chappan Bazar, where multitudes of food stalls call out to you with the fragrances of enchanting varieties. From Poha – Jalebi to Samosas, this is a heaven for the foodie in search of indigenous food. Park your vehicle away and take a leisurely stroll through this crowded marketplace. It will surely satiate those hunger pangs you have been feeling in your stomach. However, keep a little bit of place in your stomach though. Because after downing the spicy delicacies of the Chappan Bazar, making a visit to the famous Sarafa Bazar is a must. From ice creams to Faludas, Malai Milk, Moong Halwa, literally dozens of varieties of sweets greet you here. If you are a food lover, it is no contest at all. While Bhopal might be good, Indore wins this round quite comfortably.

Tourist Places in Indore

Both Indore and Bhopal figure in the rich history of the central India and have tremendous importance in the context of tourism. From Holkars of Indore to the Nawabs of Bhopal, neither city lacks a royal lineage. They are full of grand palaces, parks, originally built for the royalty. There are countless places of tourist interest in both cities; from palaces to fortresses, museums, parks; you name it. As both cities are located at a relatively short distance of around 200km, there are many similarities as far as tourism is concerned. While Bhopal is a slow paced, quiet and a green city, Indore is energetic, youthful, fast paced. If you like the quiet, greenery; then Bhopal is ideal for you. However if you are seeking a vibrant city with glitz and glitter of modern lifestyle, then Indore is the ideal one. When comparing these two cities from the standpoint of tourism, think about apples vs. oranges. We’d call this round a tie.

Shopping in Indore

Travelling in Indore

If delicious food is the road to a man’s heart, a cart full of shopping bags is the multi-lane, high-speed highway into a woman’s heart. If you are that woman, or if you want to impress the woman of your life, few places are better than Indore. While Delhi might have Connaught Place, Pune might have the Fashion Street, or Hyderabad might have the Choodi Bazar, nothing comes close to Indore’s Sarafa Bazar and Chappan Bazar when it is about local, ethnic wear, or jewelry. Along with the number of local shops full of excellent clothing sold at throwaway prices, Indore also has quite a few shopping malls, where you could spend money on the latest trends and fashions. From fashion accessories, perfumes to the top electronic brands, from wholesale to multi-brand retail, Indore is definitely a shopper’s haven. While Bhopal does fairly okay in terms of quality shopping, it does not offer the blend between the local market and luxury shopping that Indore does. This round also goes to Indore.

While making a comparative study of Indore and Bhopal, we took into consideration the important factors that weigh in. In terms of the standard of living, both cities score high, offering necessities, comforts and luxuries to its visitors and residents. However Indore is slightly cheaper overall, has a better culinary palate, more nuanced shopping experience and an equally robust transport system. While Bhopal is a great city, it doesn’t match up to the dynamism of the multicultural and highly industrialized Indore. That is probably why Indore is still favored over Bhopal.

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