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What Makes Indore a Perfect Place to Work

A large city requires large working as well as organizing systems. Its highways, public transit or utility systems must be supportive and distinctive. In fact, these factors make the city a desirable place to live, work, shop or visit. As far as the best working place in India is concerned, there are common choices among the youngsters that the best places to work here can only be the capital city of India - Delhi, the commercial capital - Mumbai, the IT hub - Bangalore or Hyderabad and the metropolitan city of Kolkata. But, the list of top working places in India is not just comprised of these big cities rather there are many cities in the country where joining a company or establishing a business firm is always profitable and the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh is certainly amongst them.

Working in Indore
Omaxe City - 1 in Indore

Regarded as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore possesses many features to attract any business or working aspirant. It is the home of Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange, which is the country's third oldest stocks exchange. Besides that, the real estate market of Indore is one of the most expensive especially in the region of Central India. The importance of this place has been recognized by the bigger business organizations in the country and therefore, many of them have already settled their firms in its localities. However, these are the determining factors that make Indore a perfect place to work.

Growing Economy of Indore

Indore is on the verge of rapid growth. Thanks to the Industrial Policy framework, infrastructure development, good investment environment, improved way of living and high educational level. The city has established several industrial areas where almost 1500 large, medium and small industries are settled. Indore has been declared as the 'Special Economic Zone' that covers an area of 3000 acre. Pithampur city of Indore, also rewarded as the Detroit of India, is the abode of several production plants of different Pharmaceutical companies such as Unichem, Lupin, Ipca laboratories, Cipla and Glenmark. There are many big auto firms placed in Pithampur such as Force Motors, Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd, Avtec and Volvo Eicher Commercial.

Economy of Indore

Apart from that, Indore city also houses many textile manufacturing and trading companies, real estate firms like Omaxe & DLF limited and many companies in Information Technology in which main player is Infosys. With the growing industries in Indore, the youngsters have a wonderful chance to enhance their career by finding jobs in these industries. For example, Infosys is set to develop a new development center where about 13,000 people will be employed. The job opportunities in Indore are also available in several small and medium size software development firms.

Affluent Infrastructure in Indore

Indore, the richest city of Madhya Pradesh, has acquired the highest development rate in comparison to other cities when it comes to infrastructure. It has become the busiest and most advanced business center in the country. The infrastructure in the city includes several facilities such as production of goods, services and the distribution of finished products to the market. A good amount of basic social services like hospitals and educational institutions add more into the infrastructural importance of Indore. There are many large and small projects going on aiming to ensure proper water supply. Narmada water supply project is the most important one in this regard. Apart from that, Indore city has excellent waste management system as it has an efficient sewage treatment plant that provides waste water generations in Industrial and commercial sectors.

Transport in Indore
ibus in Indore

One of the major infrastructural factors in making Indore an ideal place to work is the efficient transport system. The city is well connected to Bhopal and other major cities of Madhya Pradesh via roadways and railways. However, the transportation system in Indore is primarily dependent upon roadways, which is categorized in expressway and national & state highways. The main road corridors of the city are A.B. Road Corridor (Mangliya to Rau) with 23.80 km, Eastern Rind Road Corridor with 23.65 km, River Side Road Corridor with 14.50 km, Western Rind Road Corridor with 15.90 km and M.R. ID Corridor (Bypass to Ujjain Road) with 8.71 km. Majority of the industrial firms are located aside A.B. Road and M.R. Id Road.

Electricity is always a basic requirement in the growth of any sector. The city of Indore largely fulfills its electricity requirement through the 'Indira Sagar Project', 'Omkareshwar Project', 'Lanco Amarkantak Power Plant Project' and 'The Gencp Hydel Project'. Thus, the infrastructure of Indore has enough ingredients to entice any firm to start its business here or to the working professionals to commence his or her professional career.

Quality of Life in Indore

The cosmopolitan culture of Indore surely makes this place ideal to work. There are many reasons behind the city’s preference in this regard. For the long time, Indore has been an abode of cultural diversity as the people from varied castes and creeds have come here to earn their livelihood. It is comprised of large population from south, north, east and west regions of the country, which is helping in bringing a highly social and progressive society. Therefore, one can see workers from varied religions are working in the industries here.

Increasing Human Capital in Indore

Indore in Madhya Pradesh
Human Capital

Increasing in the aggregate stock of human capital is very much beneficial for the society in many ways. The city of Indore possesses the value of human resources that contribute largely in any productive work. The city has now witnessing an increase in the human capital that further increasing the productivity and performance of human resources and helping in creating wealth for the organization in regards to sellable products and services. Due to the up gradation in human capital, the job opportunities, remuneration and employment rate are also increasing in this commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. Indore has maintained an effective as well as efficient Human Capital Management in the organizations via deployment and implementation of adequate practices, standards, models, products and services. As a business aspirant, you can find plenty of workers here who have possessed high levels of human capital.

Ideal Working Culture in Indore

Working Facilities in Indore
Work Culture

As mentioned earlier, Indore is the richest city of Madhya Pradesh state. Thus, the striking feature that makes Indore a perfect place to work is its working culture. Whether there are Senior Accountants or business professionals in the city, they all work to fulfill an objective i.e. to provide a wide range of quality programmes and services to serve the people. The working culture in Indore is involves wonderful teamwork, innovation with cutting edge technology to support new ideas and projects, time management, recognition of being hard working, enjoy coming to work every day, working relationships and communication, opportunity to advance career and commitment to work for the people. Once you set your business in Indore or join an organization here, you always find a collaborative and interest based approach to deal with problems in the workplace. The managers of the corporations here are concerned with the rights, responsibilities and the best interests of their unions and workers.

Indore is indeed an ideal place to locate a business or to find a work. This historical place presents growing human capital, rich infrastructure, good quality of social life and ideal working culture. Indore is regarded as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. It has been witnessing a growing boost in industries related with information technology and other services. Some international companies too are marking their significance into city's economic sectors. The presence of many large, medium and small business firms in Indore has brought many employment opportunities for the job seekers. In fact, many youngsters from varied parts of the country have already come here and earning their livelihood. Therefore, if you are seeking for a perfect working place, come to Indore that will definitely satisfy you.

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