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RTO in Indore

The Road Transport office of Indore was established with pursuance of Motor Vehicle Act 1988 under the section 213 (1) which is applicable across the country. RTO in Indore is responsible for the enforcement of Road safety provisions and responsible to implement Acts passed under the Motor Vehicle Department.

Functions of Regional Transport Office

RTO Indore

It is responsible for the Implementation of Provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the central Motor Vehicle Act 1989 in the region of Indore and adjoining areas which come under this RTO.

It coordinates and develops road transportation through the regime of Permit. It is also carry out the functions to collect Taxes under the Bombay Motor Vehicles Tax Act 1959 and for passengers under the Transportation of Passenger Act 1958.

Facilities and Activities of RTO in Indore

  • Issuance of Learners license
  • Issuance of Permanent License
  • Issuance of Badges to Public transport vehicles’ Drivers
  • Issuance of Permits for Tourist/ Carriage vehicles
  • Issuance of Registration numbers to new vehicle
  • Issuance of certificates of Fitness for commercial vehicle
  • Inspection of private vehicle having age more than 15 years
  • Inspection of proper cover of Insurance
  • Take proper action against people who are not following the provisions of Vehicle motor Act.

E Governance in RTO Indore

RTO Indore

Regional Transport Office in Indore is enabled with electronic governance in the name of E- Seva to give prompt service to people of this city. In this facility people can get information regarding the records of all vehicles online through internet and through SMS. This feature is really a prompt service to tackle the illegal activities of vehicle frauds and save innocent people of Indore. With this active service any time, you can get details of vehicle’s owner name, issued, and type, class of vehicle, manufacturing date, engine number, and chassis numbers immediately. Write TD DUE MP09----(vehicle No) and send SMS to 53030.

Online Applications and Appointment System

Transport Department of Madhya Pradesh has introduced online process for various services such as Learners License, Drivers license, and payment along with issuance of receipt online.

Learners’ License:

People can take prior appointment for the new learning license, duplicate learning license, and endorsement of learning licenses.

RTO Indore

Driving license: 

People can apply to choose preferred slot for new driving license, duplicate or lost licenses, renewal of driving license, endorsements in driving license, and Badge Endorsements.
Even people can take printouts of receipts and make online payments of taxes, and other electronic facilities under this online feature.

Forms of RTO in Indore

  • Form 1 : Application with declaration of physical fitness
  • Form 1- A : Medical Certificate
  • Form 2 : Application for new or renewal of learner license
  • Form 4 : Apply for driving license
  • Form 4 (A) : application for drive a vehicle
  • Form 8 : Application for new class of vehicles
  • Form 9 : Application for the Driving license renewal
  • Form 20 : Application for new registration of Motor vehicle
  • Form 26 : Application for duplicate registration certificate
  • Form 28 : Application for NOC or No- objection certificate
  • Form 29 : Notice about transfer of ownership of vehicle
  • Form 30 : Reporting of the transfer of ownership of vehicle
  • Form 31 : Application for the transfer of ownership in the name of succeeding to the possession of vehicle
  • Form 33 : Application for the intimation of Changed address
  • Form 34 : Application for HPA/ lease
  • Form 35 : Application for the termination of HPA
  • Form 36 : Application for the fresh RC in favour of Financier
  • Form 60 : Application for the declaration for person not having PAN
  • Form AT : Declaration to be made in respect of a Motor vehiclesed or kept for the use in the state
  • Form BT : Declaration of Alteration in Motor vehicle
  • Form B.T.I : Notice in regard to alteration to a vehicle
  • Form DT : Application for refund Tax
  • Form L.L.D. : Intimation of loss or destruction of driving license and issuance request for new
  • Form L.P.S.A : application for the grant authorization to drive public service vehicle.
  • Form MT : Application for the exemption from payment of tax on vehicle
  • Form P. Gd. C.A : Application of goods carrier permit
  • Form TCD : Intimation and issue request of lost or destructed certificate of taxation.

Documents Required for Licenses:

Learner’s License:RTO Indore

  • Form 1 and 2
  • Age proof
  • Address Proof
  • Medical certificate Form 1 A for transport licenses
  • Pass port size 3 photographs
  • Fee as per chart

Permanent Driving License:

After completing 30 days of Learning License person can apply for permanent driving license. Along with all documents applier must pass test of competence to drive for the allotment of driving license.

RTO Indore

  • Form 4
  • Learner’s License
  • Proof of Age and address
  • Recent coloured passport size photo graph 3 nos
  • Candidates applying for learner’s License have to pass test as well.

Renewal of License:

  • Form 9
  • Fees as per schedule
  • Driving license
  • Application and declaration of physical fitness in Form 1
  • Medical Certificate in Form 1- A
  • Three recent photographs coloured
Driving license renewal request should be send before expiry or within 30 grace period of expiry. New license will be allotted on the date of expiry or date on which applied during the grace period.

Additions to Driving License:

  • Form 8
  • Learner’s license and driving license possessed by applicant
  • Driving school certificate in form 5
  • Fees
Candidates have to appear for test of competence such class of vehicle which he/ she wants to add.

International Driving License:

  • Form IDP
  • Valid Driving license
  • Valid Passport
  • Visa
  • Three Passport size Photograph
  • Fee as per schedule
Candidates have to present in front of authorities with above mentioned documents.

Who are considered to be Unfit for driving?

  • Vision defect which cannot be corrected with glasses
  • Colour/ Night blindness
  • Hearing defect which cannot be corrected with hearing aid
  • Epilepsy
  • Who has lost either hand or foot
  • Suffering from other such disease which causes obstruction for driving

General Validity of Licenses

Learner’s license: 6 months
Transport license: 3 years
License for vehicle carrying hazardous chemicals: 1 year
All other class of Licenses: Up to 20 years or up to 50 years, whichever is earlier

Minimum Age Criteria

Motor Cycle without Gear: 16 years for below 50 cc vehicle
Motorcycle with Gear: 18 years
Light Motor Vehicle (Non Transport): 18 years
Transport vehicle: 20 years

RTO Indore

Fee Structure of License in Indore

  • Learner’s License: Rs. 40 (Single Class)
  • Permanent License: Rs. 250
  • Renewal of License: Rs. 250
  • Duplicate License: Rs. 250
  • Class Endorsement: Rs. 300
  • International Driving Permit: Rs. 500
  • Authorization for PSV: Rs. 100
  • Duplicate Authorization: Rs. 100
  • Conductor License & Badge: Rs. 125
  • Renewal of conductor License: Rs. 100
  • Duplicate Badge Conductor License: Rs. 100
  • Duplicate Conductor License: Rs. 100

Fee structure of Registration Certificate:

  • Registration of New RC: Invalid Carriage – Rs. 220
  • Registration of New RC: Motor Cycle – Rs. 260
  • Registration of New RC: Important Motor Cycle – Rs. 400
  • Registration of New RC: Light Motor Vehicle – Rs. 400
  • Registration of New RC: LMV Transport – Rs. 500
  • Registration of New RC: MGV & PSV – Rs. 600
  • Registration of New RC: Heavy Goods Vehicle – Rs. 800
  • Registration of New RC: Important Motor Vehicle – Rs. 1000
  • Registration of New RC: All other Vehicle not mentioned – Rs. 500
  • Duplicate RC: All Vehicles – 50% of RC Fee plus Rs. 200
  • Renewal of RC: All Vehicles – As per new RC
  • Assignment of New RC: All Vehicles – As per new RC
  • Transfer of Owner ship: Invalid Carriage – Rs. 210
  • Transfer of Owner ship: Motor Cycle – Rs. 230
  • Transfer of Owner ship: Important Motor Cycle – Rs. 300
  • Transfer of Owner ship: Light Motor Vehicle – Rs. 300
  • Transfer of Owner ship: LMV Transport – Rs. 300
  • Transfer of Owner ship: MGV & PSV – Rs. 400
  • Transfer of Owner ship: Heavy Goods Vehicle – Rs. 500
  • Transfer of Owner ship: Important Motor Vehicle – Rs. 600
  • Transfer of Owner ship: All other Vehicle not mentioned – Rs. 350
  • Endorsement of HPA: All vehicles – Rs. 100
  • Termination of HPA: All Vehicles – Rs. 100
  • NOC: All vehicles – Rs. 50
  • Renewal of Fitness: LMV (Transport) – Rs. 400
  • Renewal of Fitness: MGV – Rs. 450
  • Renewal of Fitness: HGV – Rs. 500
  • Renewal of Fitness: 2 & 3 wheelers – Rs. 300
  • Duplicate Fitness: All vehicles – Rs. 100
  • Alteration in Vehicle: All vehicles – Rs. 50

of RTO Indore:

Regional Transport Office
Lal Bagh, Indore
Tel Phone No. : 287256

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