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Museums in Indore

Museums in IndoreMuseums are a pivotal part of a region where by the cultural heritage of the country are discovered by the upcoming generation and passed on further so that the knowledge remains intact. There are vast artifacts and object of the ancient era for further digging into the past preserved in the Museums.

There are many interesting museums in and around Indore to explore our rich history. The exhibits in the museums provide more authentic cognizance of the facts than the books and that is the very reason museums are thronged by the scholars.

Central Museum in Indore

Central Museum, otherwise known as the Indore museum is situated in vicinity to the Nar Rathna Mandir in 1929 which in turn was relocated to a place near Residency Kothi. The Parmar sculptures are indeed the contrivance in the museum clad in stone with fine ornamentation. Such sculptures find its origin in the Indore region.

The Museum is divided into the following galleries- Hinglajgarh Art gallery, Malwa art Gallery, Antiquity Gallery, Numismatic Gallery, Arm Gallery, Gallery of Modern art and Inscription Gallery Artifacts from the prehistoric times (5000 BC-4000 BC) as from the Mohanjadaro and Chalcolithic sites of Malwa is showcased in the Museum along with stone tools, ornaments, quartz sickles and the objects of domestic purpose, all derived from west Malwa. 

Central Museum, Indore
Central Museum of Indore

The Hindu and Jain sculptures from the medieval and pre medieval times are very well depicted in the museum. They have been assembled from the ruins of the Hinglajgarh temples of 11th – 12th century. Shiva, Parvati, Harihara, Saraswati Chamunda are very vividly and earnestly carved out and displayed in the museum.

Timings: The museum is open on all days except Mondays from 10 am to 5 pm without any entry fee. A guide can properly cognize you about the different exhibits in the museum.
Museums near Indore

Kanha Museum:

Kanha National Park houses Kanha Museum where detailed description of the park is obtained. The landscapes, topography, the maps, about the tiger reserves, the wild life diversity and the pug marks stranded by the animals in the national mark are all procured from the museum. A prelude to the tribal culture is briefed by the exhibits in the museum.

Timings: It is open on all days and the time for week days and Sundays is from 5 am to 6.30 pm. Saturdays and public holidays the time is from 6.30 am to 5 pm. Pets are not allowed in the museum.

Baghel Museum of Maharaja Rewa:

Situated at the adjoining point of the rivers son Bihiya and Beehar, the Baghel Museum has a white tiger gallery. The region lauds hymns of “Mohan” the first captivated white tiger by Maharaja Martand Singh of Rewa in 1951; the tiger is stuffed and mounted in the museum.

The main Durbar Hall of the then palace has been transformed into museum decorated with various arms and ammunitions used by the then soldiers to defend the region.  A silver laden throne with the deity Rama’s sculpture on it adorn the place as no other king has ever sat on it.

Bhagella Museum
Baghel Museum in Indore

Other fascinations of the Museum are the silver elephant “howdah”, the sculpture of dancing Ganesh and the Shiv-Parvathi indulgence in a game of dice. These are brought from Kalahuri Dynasty. Mahamritunjay temple, Jaggannath temple and Rajadhiraj temple are in the vicinity of the museum.

Timings and Entry Fees:  It is open on all days from 10 am to 3pm and 5pm to 8 pm with an entry fee of Rs.50

Royal Museum of Rewa:

Belonging to the Royal family, the Royal Museum of Rewa is located in the Uparhati region of Rewa and is managed by Pushpa Raj Singh, the son of Maharaja Marthand Singh who captivated the first White tiger in 1951. The Royal Family inhabits the fort adjoining the museum.

The museum has valuable assets like pistols of King Ghulab Singh of 1911, silver parasol of 13th century, silver lamps, silver elephants, silver eggs, silver hookah, golden Lamp, elephant teeth, antique swords, silver umbrellas, Wedding dress of Maharaja Vishvanath Singh made of gold and silver are some of the wonders seen in the museum.

Royal Museum
Royal Museum of Rewa

Timings and Entry Fees:
Open on all days with an entry fee of Rs.10

Khajuraho Archaeological Museum:

Khajuraho is conspicuous for its medieval temples and W.A. Jardine has been prudent enough to garner the loose sculptures and architectural marvels of the ruins of the temple. He assembled those in an open space adjoining Matangeshwar temple and was termed as the Jardine temple till 1942. The Archaeological Museum took over the place and retermed it as the Archaeological Museum in 1952, albeit now it is being used as a place for reserve collection and public entry is a taboo here.

Khajuraho Archeological Museum
Khajuraho Archaeological Museum

The Khajuraho Archaeological Museum was set up in 1967 with the collection from the reserve museum. There are five galleries in the museum with sculptures in consonance with the faith of Jainism, Brahminism and Budhism are predominant.

Timing and Entry Fees: It is open on all days except Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm. The entry fee of Rs.5 is for adults beyond the age of 15.

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