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Fairs and Festivals in Indore

The city of Indore, owing to the rich cultural background celebrates variety of festivals and holds many fairs. This colorful nature of the city and the ongoing festivities of the town allure tourism. The journey from being a traditional city till gaining the status of a metro city has changed the city drastically. But the celebration of the centuries old traditional as well as modern festivals together has proven that the vast branches of the modern city are still rooted with the Traditional Indore. Music and Dance in India are the vital part of its culture.

Festivals in Indore
Festivals of Indore

Festivities are incomplete without music or dance. There are many festivals celebrated not only in Indore but in whole of India which were started to preserve the tradition of the country. Some festivals like Malwa festival which is celebrated in the cities of Ujjain and Indore in Madhya Pradesh is one of them.The zest and enthusiasm of the city in celebrating these festivals is worth appreciating be it Diwali, Holi, Eid-ul-Fitr or Valentine’s day the celebrations are never on hold.

Notable Fairs and Festivals of Indore are:

  • Anant Chaudas- Anant Chaudas is the festival of Hindus, ‘Chaudas’ is a date according to the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated in the Month of September. This festival is devoted to Lord Ganesha. Huge processions are taken out n the city and large idols of Lord Ganesha are immersed in the water. The festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in the city..
  • Rangapanchami- This is an age old festival of Indore it is celebrated since the rein of Holkar dynasty in the area. Rangpanchmi is celebrated after five days of Holi or Dulhendi. Atmosphere is painted not only with colours but with the sound of music.  Holi colors are also mixed with water and poured on others, Local Municipal Cooperation also get colored water sprinkled on the streets. This age old festival is still enjoyed fully by the people of Indore.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi- In early days textile mills use to florish in the city, the workers and labour of the industry use to contribute money for celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi and arrange a carnival of Jhankis. The festival was celebrated in a very unique manner. Now also a procession is held at this occasion.
  • Makar Sakranti- Also known as Kite festival is held every year on 14th day of January. Many kite flying tournaments are organised on this day. The sky becomes vibrant and colourful on this day. It is a day full of energy and excitement for everyone.
  • Ahilya Utsav- Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar was a great Mratha lady, she with her wisdom, administration and love won the hearts of everyone, not only the people of Indore but even the English use to admire her wisdom and brave heart. She is still a mother figure for the people of Indore who puts her up in high respect. Ahilya festival is celebrated on the death anniversary of their beloved Rani of not only Indore but of their hearts. It’s been more than 200 years since she passed away, but in Indore she lives in everyone’s hearts, be it an old man or a young child. The love for this Nobel Rani of Indore can be seen on Ahilya Utsav when young and old everyone is full of enthusiasm, people of Indore says that this Utsav is a part of their culture.
  • Navratri- Festival of Navratri is celebrated by Hindus all over the world. However it has a little more relevance to the people of Indore as a nine day long fair is held at the temple of Bijasen Mata. Navratri is celebrated to devote and worship nine forms of Goddess Shakti in the Lunar month of Ashwin, according to Hindu festival. It is held before Dussehra in the month of October/ November. The holy Temple of Bijasen Mata is located on a Bijasen Tikri, which is a small hillock. This nine day old festivals attracts large number of crowd. Many desserts are prepared and some devotees even fast for nine days and don’t eat any ‘Ann’ or grains during these nine days. Nine days of Navratri festival are observed as very pious days.
  • Ameer Khan Festival- This Festival is observed to pay homage to Ameer Khan Saab, who is a founder of the mesmerizing and thoughtful style of classical music, Indore Gharana. A perfect venue to savour Indian classical music is Indore, especially during this feastival. This festival offers perfect stage for new musicians, many artists gives their debut in this festival. Those who have enjoyed the mesmerising music, thoughtful allaps, intricate sargams and Taals at this festival speak highly of it. The quality of performances given and the music enthusiast who gather here on this festival from all over the world make this festival world class. Old as well as new musicians come here together to captivate and charm the audience with their knowledge of music, Alaaps and their soulful renditions. Indian classical music is gaining popularity all over the world and Ameer Khan Festival, Indore has contributed a lot towards such recognition.

Other festivals observed in Indore are:

Holi in Indore

  • Holi- It is one of the main festival of Hindus. This religious festival is celebrated in India since ages. This festival is one of the favorite festival of Lord Krishna and is celebrated throughout the country with full zest.
  • Diwali- Diwali or Deepawali is another religious festival which is celebrated by Hindus throughout the country. It is the main festival of Hindus. Lord Rama, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are prayed on this day.
  • Eid-ul-Fitr- This is a religious festival of Muslims. This festival is after the Month of Ramzan and celebrated will full enthusiasm in the city of Indore as well as the whole country
  • Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan- This is a Hindu festival. This festival is not celebrated in some parts of India. This Festival is the symbol of Love and Affection of Brother and Sister.
  • Independence Day- This is the National Festival of India as India got Independent on 15th August 1947. This is celebrated thoughout the country and observed  a national Holiday.
  • Republic Day- Is again a National festival and is celebrated on 26th January every year.

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